The house across the street from us will always be known as Ben Franklin’s house.  Ben (his real name is Harry) and his wife are original homeowners that have lived in this neighborhood since 1968.  They originally bought their house for $22,000 and their backyard used to stretch all the way to I-10.  After all these years, they’re moving on to a retirement community off Eldridge and are very excited about all the opportunities that will bring to them. 

For our part, we’re sad to see them go.  They are extremely kind and interesting.  I’ll admit not knowing that much about them, but we do know that he dresses up as Ben Franklin for schools and other events (such as at the Natural Museum of Science), which is why we kindly refer to him as Ben.  We think it’s cool that he’s found such a niche that he’s interested in. 

…so, if my kids wonder why 20 years from now we still refer to that house as the Ben Franklin house, this is why.   


* More on pretending: We retold the story of John and the playground to daddy. In summary, she agreed that it was ok to pretend, but that she was a “real” princess when she had on one of her dresses. Right?

* She’s caught on to the fact that daddy loves football. She saw a commercial for football while she rewatched the Disney Christmas parade. In a singsong, sad voice, she said, “if daddy were here he could watch that.”

* It’s no secret that we have a picky eater. She’s figured out that daddy loves meat… So, she is slowly adding a few meats to her diet. Ug, if only we had known ahead of time and made daddy LOVE fruit.

* Her new artwork projects, aside from utilizing any and every kind of trash to make collages, is to put lipstick on and “kiss” the paper. Where did she pick that up!?

* When the teachers at school asked Joelle when her baby sister was coming, they told me she said, “After Nana’s birthday.” Of course, we’re the ones who told her that, but I think it’s still infatuating that she can really communicate and pick up what we tell her.

* For my birthday, Nana and Joelle went to the store to pick out a cake. Of course, they had no white cake with the icing roses on top. Joelle was distraught. So, the lady added roses to the confetti and ribbon cake option. I had a very decorated cake. She remembered that I was turning 31 and insisted on buying the three and one candles for my cake. Of course, when she put it in the cake, she put it as 13. Close!

* She hates that daddy is younger then me. For some reason it takes some of the greatness that is daddy away from him. Sigh, I wish I could make myself younger!

* Recently, Joelle has learned to hit pause on the tv remote when she needs to go potty.  Likewise, she knows to hit play when she returns.  The other night, we showed her how to press channel up and down to change channels.  She smiled at us and said, “I can do anything!”  She loved the power. 

Joelle has an advent calendar this year for Christmas.  We had one last year, but this is the first time she’s really appreciated it for what it is:  a countdown to Christmas.  She understands why she can only open one box each day and hasn’t tried to mess with that.  I’m sure she’s dying to just open them all up, but somehow this little 4 year old restrains herself to one a day. 

I thought the advent calendar would make Christmas come slower, but it has actually seemed to speed it up for me.  We opened box “14” today, that’s crazy close to Christmas!  I think there should be a countdown calendar for your baby’s delivery date.  Every day you get to open a box with a giftie inside!  Bottles, binky, washclothes, lotion, etc.  Nothing fancy, just helps lead to the excitement.  Unfortunately, it would only work for scheduled c-sections, but it seems those are pretty abundant these days.  (Although more common on the 2nd baby when you need less stuff.) 

I’m not to counting down days yet….  6 weeks on Monday.   

Kinda like Meg’s phenomenon where all her friends were getting engaged….  It seems like everyone I know is trying to get pregnant or already is.  Chris can look it up for me afterwards, but I swear this is going to be a mini baby boom.  About the only women I know that aren’t pregnant or trying to get pregnant are those that are officially done…. and even some of those “officially done” are reconsidering! 

It’s so fun for me.  When I had Joelle, I felt like no one was having a baby – and hardly anyone was.  I like having all this company!  Two of my closest friends are now 6 and 12 weeks after my due date.  I’m hoping we can keep up this chain and another one will announce she’s pregnant in another month! 

Btw, Chris thinks it’s because we’re now officially in our thirties when most folks do have kids.  I guess we were ahead of the curve with Joelle.  I’m so happy we did it our way. 

I was actually invited to make a playdate with a little girl’s nanny because the mom informed me, “I work full-time.” I definitely applaud a woman’s choice to do whatever she wants, but why in the world would a mom want to hang with a Nanny? I was informed that the nanny was really fun, but still, no.

Chris asked me last night if I did work if I would have a nanny or utilize daycare. I would definitely choose daycare. I just couldn’t trust one other person to watch and care for my baby. At least at daycare, it feels like they would be safer. Many have cameras where you could watch from work! Although, it would be nice to have a home cooked meal when you came home from work every day…