I hope to soon document a lot of our trip to Disney in one or more blogs, but I feel I would be remiss in not sharing the week we had prior to leaving for Disney.  I just kept thinking, “oh my gosh, we’re leaving for a family vacation in ____ days, how will we get there?”  It all started on Monday night, January 28th.  Elise threw up several times in the night.  She’s had a few tummy bugs, no worries.  She did fine all the next day on crackers, rice cereal and banana.  So, we gave her corn for dinner.  She threw it up.  It was strange.  In my great motherly wisdom, this wasn’t how it was supposed to work.  Hence, I coined the phrase, “I’m adequate,” when Chris said, “such a good mommie” one night.  Later in the week, he would say, “I’m competent,” when his own confidence was shaken.  The entire next day, she only had Pedialyte.  Scheduled for her one-year shots, we took her to the doctor on Wednesday.  She used every last ounce of energy to tell us, the entire audience in the waiting room and all the nurses that she was pissed off about being there.  After her battle cries were issued, she turned into a limp rag in her daddy’s arm.  I can still envision her body draped over Chris’s arms, completely limp.  Her eyes would follow Dr. Pielop around the room, but she didn’t move.  I could tell that the doctor was even a bit dismayed and worried over her appearance.  Chris has mentioned this, but when the doctor asked me when she had smiled last, I broke down in tears.  It had been quite some time.

Magically, on Thursday, she was a bit better.  Joelle went over to a friend’s house after school and threw up right as we were about leave.  All over the place.  I hesitate to write this because of the graphic nature (those weak at heart, should skip to the next line), but it has relevance later. She actually even threw up in my mouth.  I couldn’t take a shower for obvious reasons and was mortified at having had this huge incident at a friend’s house.  It was an awful moment.  I called Chris on the way home and told him bluntly what had happened.  Without waiting for his reply, I hung up.  I’d had a rough week already and now this.  It was a low moment for me.  Luckily, Nana was at the house watching Elise and was able to help and Chris skipped his party for Baker & O’Brien that night to come home. 

Joelle bounced back from her GI quickly and could have almost even gone to school the next day.  Turning point?  Is everyone getting well?  Not quite yet.  Having had the germ in my mouth, it was a bit hard for my body to fight it off.  I, too, fell prey.  I got sick on Saturday night and was in bed almost all of Sunday.  I felt better at times, but it was a rough go on Monday and Tuesday.  I didn’t eat anything until Tuesday.  I lived on gatarade and really didn’t have my full appetite back until Thursday or Friday at Disney.  We made it though.  We made it and maybe enjoyed it all the more knowing how sick we had all been.  I just keep thinking how lucky we were to get sick before we left and not during the trip. 

A high point of the the whole experience was on Friday when Poppy came late in the afternoon to bring the girls “get well” balloons.  Elise was delighted.  She walked around and around the room (a delightful sight without the balloon since she hadn’t really walked for three days) tugging her little balloon with her.  There aren’t many things in this world cuter then a kid holding on to a beloved balloon.  She didn’t understand where it went when she let go until a few hours of trained exposure, so when her balloon first went “away” to the ceiling, she immediately tried to grab Joelle’s.  It was adorable to see her feisty spirit back.