Today is Elise’s birthday, but I’m writing about Joelle.  Joelle served everyone at Elise’s party with such zest that no one could turn down the punch.  She was sweet and beautiful.  Chris used her term, “scared me like the radio,” tonight and I remembered to write it down.  Because, like most things kids do, she isn’t saying it any longer.  She always said that whenever a certain song came on her Jojo CD.  I don’t know the name of the song, but it samples another song with a male singer.  Just a few lines.  Every time it would start playing, she would say, “ah, that scared me like the radio.”  She meant that to mean that she thought I had changed the CD to the radio.  It was just cute.

Recently, I heard Joelle ask her daddy, “Do you love me more then Elise?”  I knew one day I’d hear her say that, but it made my heart ache when I heard her ask.  I remember being so scared before we had Elise.  We had such a tight knit little family.  What good would adding a new member do?  Like everyone always says, I can’t believe I was apprehensive.  However, I understand Joelle’s question.  It’s hard.  Looking through all the birthday pictures and the others that we just haven’t loaded up yet, I think it’s pretty obvious that Joelle is smitten with Elise and the reverse can definitely be said.  Elise worships Joelle and you can see in all the pictures that she’s almost always looking to see what her big sister is up to.