Joelle is loving High School Musical.  She goes through cycles of adoration and, after Danny and Meg’s giftie at Christmas (HS Musical CD), she’s been all over it.  Chris and I have been agreeable with this cycle, it’s actually pretty fun music.  So, we bought HS Musical 2.  Joelle was watching it the other morning.  I walked in the room and tears were in my baby’s eyes.  Troy (Joelle calls him Trent) and Gabrielle had just broken up.  She was so upset and it was time to walk out the door for school, but I did my best to console her and said, “baby, that’s a good lesson.  Trent wasn’t treating Gabrielle right, so she left him.  I hope you do the same thing if that happens to you.”  She looked up at me as if she understood, but then broke out in fresh tears and said, “but Trent gets more jewelry!”  I felt like saying, “come again.”  I did encourage her to explain more and she said, “Trent already has a ring and now he gets the necklace, too?”  Yeah, clearly Joelle didn’t really get the whole idea behind what was going on.  (Troy gives Gabrielle a necklace at the beginning of the movie and she gives it back when they break up.) 

Oh well, like I said before, the music is catchy.  Little Elise even likes it.  Her favorite is the “bop to the top” song.  She sings along, “bop, bop, bop,” with the music.