Joelle decided to write a play one afternoon.  I wrote down the transcript.  This was actually in November of 2007 (hence the turkey), but I just found it and thought it was worth saving.

Once upon a time, there was a turkey.  She didn’t have purple feathers.  She didn’t have orange feathers.  She did have brown feathers.

Her best friend was Marty the Monkey (a stuffed monkey that the kids in her class take turns bringing home from class and writing in a journal about).  Why was a monkey and a turkey in the same forest?  Well, there were two other monkeys in the forest.  So, it was a monkey forest.  How did the turkey get there?  It was a turkey and a monkey forest. 

The turkey and Marty dance for 10 days!  That’s all.  The end. 

Turko is the Turkey’s name.  Monko1 is Elise’s Monkey.  Monko2 is Mommie’s Monkey.