Joey once coined the term “locust eating” as something that my dad (and myself and possibly Joey) all do. The term stuck with me because it’s funny but also accurate. For the most part, I’m a fairly healthy eater, but give me a bag of chocolate chips after a long hiatus without them and I will consume the whole bag. I know, not wise. Every dietitian would agree that one should eat a small amount daily, but it just doesn’t work that way for me. While my “locust eating” is primarily with sweets, my dad is like that with a lot of different foods, even healthy ones. He might see yummy oranges at the store, buy 4 and eat them all right when he gets home.

I think Elise has inherited this strange “locust eating” gene. First, it was grapes. She would consume every single morsel of grape thrown her way. Fistfuls of grapes would engorge her tiny little mouth. Second, cantaloupes. She is crazy for them. I gave them to her for lunch and she ate a whole bowl. She reaches for the food she wants now and she was definitely reaching for the cantaloupe and only the cantaloupe. At dinner, I gave everyone a little pile on their plates. Chris tried to give Elise her squash first but she spotted the orangey goodness on the plate and would have nothing else. She ate all of her share and insisted on having Chris’s as well. (his was the next closest plate.) She ate a few spoonfuls of green beans and then spotted the orange cubes on my plate. She got those as well. Finally, she saw Joelle’s and actually physically inched her high chair towards Joelle to get at her pile. Joelle, who had to be bribed to eat a tiny, almost invisible piece for breakfast, suddenly wanted nothing but her cantaloupe. Luckily, there was more in the refrigerator, although, not much.