Elise has been a little fussy this week.  Specifically, she was cranky on Tuesday, Wednesday and today.  I was outwardly surmising what the potentional causes of her frustrations could be with Nana.  You know, the typical issues:  teething, catching a cold, etc.  Joelle suddenly piped in, “she could be missin’ me.”  I paused in my ruminating and said, “yeah, you might be right.”  I was thinking, “ah, my vain daughter.” 

Ironically, I think Joelle is right.  Children can be so wise.  Elise has gone through infatuations with each member of our family.  Her infatuation with mommie lasted the longest and I thought it was rock solid (ah, the vain Mommie.)  After our trip to Dallas, it suddenly switched to Daddy.  With the Christmas break and subsequent return to school, she’s decided “oh wah” is her new go to girl.  She follows Joelle around the house saying “oh wah”.  When we went to school to pick up Joelle from tumbling, Elise spotted Joelle immediately and ran to her with open arms saying “oh wah.”  It was absolutely adorable and Joelle ate it up. 

The three of us headed to the mall afterwards.  In one shop, a lady asked what my daughter’s names were.  I said, “Elise and Joelle.  Although, they call each other Oh wah and Lee Lee.”  Sometimes I wonder why parents kill themselves over the naming of their children.  They come up with their own nicknames anyway.