Elise knows when she has found something good.  Like most babies, she doesn’t exactly appreciate us taking things away from her.  I will never, ever forget Joelle putting her tongue on the wall in our old house when we made her mad, either taking something away or saying, “no,” to touching an outlet.  I think it was the later.  Anyway, Elise hasn’t put her tongue on the wall, yet.  Instead, she has the power to run from me.  If she finds something she knows she really shouldn’t have, she pops up and runs to another room.  She found a treasure a few days ago and ran to our bedroom.  She even tried to close the door on me so that I wouldn’t come in.  (I wonder who she learned that from?  Thanks, Jojo.)  I kept following her to make sure that she was ok with the questionable toy she found and she kept running from me.  She even went under the table in the kitchen to get away.