Elise knows that we don’t tolerate leaves or acorns in her mouth.  When she isn’t tired, she usually complies.  I saw her start to put a leaf to her mouth while we were playing on the trampoline (Joelle and Daddy were at Playhouse Disney Live, he promises a post later,) realize what she was doing, stop, look at me and smile.  So, she does know that it’s a no, no.  If she’s tired and ready for a nap, it’s like she can’t control her impulses and she just starts eating up like there is no tomorrow.

While we were on the trampoline, I saw her pick up an acorn and look at me.  I now know it was a decoy, because as soon as I started my way over to get it from her, she dropped it and scooted over to the side where I had been holding down the net that needs repairing.  She likes to body slam into the netting.  I guess she likes the free fall feeling (great).  Anyway, she had wanted to investigate the netting that didn’t stick to the trampoline and she figured out how to get mommie out of the way.  I’m impressed.