Ok, I forgot a couple of funny things from Christmas.  Did I honestly think I could get it all in one post?  Joelle made a dala horse at school this year.  It’s red, wooden and really quite cute.  Joelle told us that Ms. DeeDee told them not to glob the paint and that she didn’t, Daniel did though.  (She informed us of this fact in her tsk, tsk voice).  The Dala horse should be red, you see.  She painted a tail, eyes and roses all over it.  She also made this rather insignificant candle out of a toilet paper roll and small paper bread plate.  The plate is bright green (base of candle) and the toilet paper roll is red (candle).  We were eating at the table where the Dala horse and candle both happened to be.  Often “junk” just idles in all areas of the kitchen and Joelle adores to play with anything while she’s eating.  Hence, the inspiration of “Down a… walking down a Mexican road.”  Joelle put the candle on top of the horse and started singing this song.  Chris and I both started laughing.  I offered to cut the candle down a bit to make it even more like a hat.  So, now the candle is officially a Mexian sombrero and those two pieces of “junk” are making it into my boxes of Christmas stuff to save. 

While I spent hours on Christmas day putting together Joelle’s castle, I had a little help.  Joelle says she helped.  Really, she couldn’t stand not playing with it, so she brought people over from her other Play mobil stuff and started playing in the castle.  It made it a little difficult, at times, to be building around her.  Chris helped one time when Joelle was away and moved a character to add a piece, I said, “Joelle had that there.”  I had been working around it – I recognize I could have moved it, too.  I think I just was reminded of my doll house that I played with that wasn’t complete.  I loved playing in that shell of a doll house.  Anyway, the castle was completed, but it’s nice to be reminded that little imaginations often don’t need elaborate toys to have fun.

How could I forget, again, to mention Nana’s plates.  On Christmas Eve,  we were all opening presents and Poppy said, “did Nana get her present?”  I said, “she’s opening it.”  Then, it become clear that he meant his present to her.  It took a little time for my rusty mind to realize that Poppy had indeed given me a present in July to give to her for Christmas.  Oops!  I promised to wrap it right when I got home and I even offered to bring it that night.  They both said Christmas would be fine.  So, I bust out the package (nicely wrapped) for Nana.  She opens it and loves it.  Really, really loves them.  (beautiful plates).  Hoping I earned some points back from Poppy, I hear him mention more plates.  I had forgotten one of the two boxes!  He may decide that my wrapping services aren’t worth the bother next year.