I thought I should collect my thoughts about Christmas 2007 before they evaporate like the decorations around me. I have to start with Christmas morning because it was such an eventful beginning. Elise hasn’t been sleeping well and Christmas Eve was no exception. Elise kept waking up and Chris kept trying to feed her. It usually works for a few more winks of sleep. At 6:00, Chris recognized that Elise wasn’t going back to sleep. In an attempt to keep Joelle snoozing, Chris ran to fetch her. He returned to our room. As I was greeting the baby, she threw up. All over Chris, the bed and herself. I guess Chris gave her the bottle one too many times! Her tiny tummy couldn’t hold it any longer. A minute later, Joelle walks in, “hey guys.” This is sweet and memorable to me because as we were falling asleep the night before, Chris had said, “I think this is the first year Joelle will run to see what Santa brought instead of getting us first.” It may have been that she heard us, but I’m forever grateful that she came to see us first one more year.

Christmas Eve was memorable for the wonderful service and packed church. I’m always struck by how I feel like an outsider at my own church for Christmas Eve services because it’s just so crowded. We always seem to be in the back row, but for regular Sunday services you can sit right up at the front. Elise was a doll, after I busted out the puffs. Chris said, “That was a stroke of genius.” We had a wonderful dinner with Nana and Poppy afterwards. Although that seems innocent, it was significant to me because it’s the first Christmas in three that Poppy hasn’t been ill. It was nice to see him for Christmas again… and you can’t beat Nana’s macaroni.

After spending 3 hours putting together Joelle’s new Playmobil castle on Christmas day, we loaded up the car for Honey and Grandpa’s. There, we enjoyed spending the day with the family. Both girls had fun, but Joelle loved showing off her house to Nana the most.

Random other memorable moments: * Joelle calling the chocolate reindeer, “a chocolate goat.” Then, switching to “chocolate bunny.” and noticing that Elise’s had a bow and hers did not. * Joelle being more excited about Elise’s tooth brush and tooth paste (that she picked out) then almost any of her own gifties. She was so excited for Elise to start brushing her teeth. Predictably, Elise just wanted to chew on the brush. * Elise fanning the area for falling tags, bows and wrapping paper. She always had an assortment of tags and paper clutched in her hands. I wonder how much she consumed? * Elise’s fear of the ball toy that Nana gave her. She still hustles over to my lap when it comes on and nuzzles in. I secretly love it. * Joelle dusting her face with glamour girls powder from Noonie and Uncle Danny. It was gray and it looked liked she had dunked her head in ash. * Chris and I working his new puzzle. Who knew we’d have so much fun.