Joelle’s class performed their Christmas play today.  It was really incredible that a cast of 4 and 5 year olds could pull off such a good performance.  Joelle teased us last night because we were given her part to practice and she kept saying it wrong.  Well, I should say, she kept saying it differently.  Instead of “fear not, I bring you good news,”  she would say, “fear not, I have good news.”  I didn’t know she was teasing us at the time, but today, when she said it loudly, clearly and correctly, I knew.  Joelle was angel #1 (there were 5 angels…. they had to get creative with a class of 14), but she knew all 5 of the parts.  After saying her line correctly, the next angel came in and started playing with her costume.  Joelle spoke her lines for her and continued to prompt every actor when they didn’t speak their lines.  After the play, Ms. Martha said that Joelle was prompting everyone almost as well as Ms. DeeDee and that we must read to her every night because she knows all the words they are teaching them in class. 

So, the kids also sang to us before the play.  I actually didn’t know this was going to happen.  Therefore, I was a little confused when she told me that Max was Santa.  She corrected herself and said, “we all wear santa hats, but Max is actually santa with the suit.”  I mentioned this to Melina, Max’s mom, before everyone came out.  Melina said, “Max is a Wise man.”  The singing started and there was Max, Santa.  LeAnne said it once and it’s so true, “Joelle is the Diane Sawyer of her generation.”  All the moms know to ask Joelle about something if they want to find out what happened.

I beamed with inner pride today when I asked Joelle what Christmas was all about.  “Jesus.”  Chris, you were totally right.  Joelle belonged at MDUMC one more year.  “Happy holidays” is all she would get at public school.  I am not complaining about the separation of church and state.  It’s a vital necessity, but I’m proud that Joelle knows what Christmas is about and that she had one more year to focus on the religious aspect of it all.  They wouldn’t be singing, “go tell it on a mountain” at Wilchester.