Elise doesn’t easily forget when she’s on a mission. Joelle and I were reading a story before bed. Elise was busily dumping all the magazines from a drawer in Joelle’s room (Joelle had opened it up for her as a distraction – such a little mommie). Elise finished her task. Turning her head our way, Joelle and I, simultaneously, casually put our hands on what we were reading. Knowing that Elise was coming our way, we’ve learned to do that to keep her from whisking whatever we’re reading away from us. Chris was watching and laughed at our Pavlovian response. Still, Elise was not discouraged. She “marched on” to us and tried to pull it away. Chris dove in to rescue Joelle and I from the assault. Elise crawled “one step” away and promptly turned to try to reach the gold again. Chris denied her and turned her away. Elise crawled “two steps” away and tried again. She quickly dove in head first, but Chris denied her again. Each time, she would crawl “one step” further away and still no luck. Finally, she crawled casually around Joelle and then made a quick turn and dove in one last time. “Curses, Daddy!”