We haven’t done it yet, but Chris and I have aspirations to go carbon neutral for 2007 or the very beginning of 2008.  I was telling Joey about it tonight and he said, “well, good luck!  we’ll join you next year!  wish you could advertise with a sign in your yard.”  He continued on to say, “have Joelle walk door-to-door, maybe guilt a few others! ‘we’ve gone carbon neutral to save the world for me, will you too?'”

I had to laugh with his suggestion because it might work.  Today, Chris and Joelle (and Elise in tow) visited some garage sales.  Everywhere they went, Joelle got free stuff.  Aside from the books, she picked out a lot of strange and useless stuff.  A doll with no arm and hair that falls off and an old Christmas bow and ornament that looks like it’s been used on a few too many packages.

In case anyone is interested, we (ok, Chris) did find one site that we liked for carbon offseting.  This was after some research into the gold standard and where our money would best be put to use:  http://www.my-climate.com/