Nana gave Elise a rare treat today.  She cleaned up one room in her house to somewhat “baby proof” an area for her to play.  Elise attacked every toy in that room with vigor and energy.  She loved it!  New toys, finally!  Ok, it’s probably time for her to try out the nursery at the MAC, where I work out.  I think she’s getting tired of exploring this house. 

Anyway, Poppy sat on the floor next to Elise when she happened to be chewing on a plastic hot dog bun.  When she saw him, she smiled and acted like she was handing him this treasure.  Poppy said, “thank you,” but when he tried to take the toy – Elise snatched it back and laughed.  I’m not talking a small, sweet giggle.  This was a full out belly laugh.  The best and rarest of the Elise laughs.  She continued to tease Poppy with this game and was more and more delighted with herself. 

Elise played this same game with Joelle for a little bit in the car.  It was cute for a bit, but Joelle finally had had enough and actually wanted the hot dog bun, so she snatched it from Elise.  I wonder if Elise was thinking, “hmph, Poppy isn’t a spoiled sport!  It’s just a hot dog bun, Joelle.”