I’m sitting here with Joelle as she picks out her favorite 10 miniature ornaments to hang for this year and I had a really cute thought.  Joaquin and Elise share something big.  Very big.  It’s their first Christmas.  Although Elise is almost one and Joaquin will be almost zero, they will have the same first Christmas.  Joelle had a big part of that, too.  She went with Nana to pick out Elise and Joaquin’s first Christmas ornaments.

As a random side note, maybe I should stick to telling cute stories about my children, because it seems that maybe my last blog was a little hard to tell what I was trying to say.  Maybe I really wasn’t trying to say anything at all, I was just relaying what seemed like a funny moment to me.  I would say that Chris and I definitely lean towards the liberal side of most things and we definitely do care about the middle class going away.  We also think we’d probably most likely be on the poor side if it were to happen, not that that is why we care about it going away.  Anyway, happy thoughts – Children and Christmas.  (Although I am trying to be more environmentally friendly with this Christmas.  I wrestled with sending out cards, but the Christmas spirit won over my green aspirations and we are sending out cards this year.  Maria, could you help me with a cool e-card like yours for next Christmas?)