Last night, we had left overs with Nana and Poppy.  Nana said, “it’s just like Thanksgiving.”  I said, “…but we have Christmas decorations out, so it’s like Christmas.”  Anyway, Poppy told us all about an interesting lecture he heard about the diminishing middle class.  Between Joelle’s questions and chatter, I managed to get some of the information.  In the end, Poppy said, “so, there won’t be a middle class in ____ years (I didn’t catch how many years).  Everyone will be rich or poor.”  I responded, “oh no, will we be rich or poor?”  Poppy said, “probably rich.”  I smiled and Joelle said, “who hoo, we’ll be rich!”  Chris said, “yeah, it’ll be like those people we met from Colombia depicted life there – servants will be affordable.  You’ll come home to a big formal dinner every night.”  Nana said, “boy, we could’ve used servants over the past fews days.”

I’m not sure this is the response Poppy was looking for.  In retrospect, I think it’s hilarious that we all had responses like that because we all care very much about things like that.  For my part, I’m so upset and worried about the environment that I don’t have room to think about the shrinking middle class.  Does anybody have any good news?

I love that Joelle had us each go around at Thanksgiving to say what we were thankful for.  I like that tradition.  She actually had us do it at the beginning and the end of the meal.  I have too many things to list to be thankful for.  My scary surgery reminds me every day what I have and what I could have lost.  I guess we need to all concentrate on the good things in life to remind us what we have and what we have to fight for.