After having kids, some things become so obvious to you. Today, I had the opportunity to see little Elise try to keep up with her big sister and her friend. Joelle and her playdate would skip down the hall and Elise would watch (imagine a tiny baby head following a tennis ball in a tennis match.) When they reached their destination, Elise would go after them in hot pursuit. Her tiny hands pounding the wood floor with much determination. When you hear the hands hitting the floor, you know she’s in a hurry for something good.

So, the thing that became so obvious to me? That’s exactly why Sarah and I always played at my house. Sarah had all these cool German toys, including a super market set with real food and candy. I didn’t exactly know why we always played at my house until I realized today that we were probably more content not having to battle it out with a sibling. (Yes, I do have a brother, but, um, he’s way older – he had no reason to mess with us… Although, he did mess with Sarah sometimes. Peaches?)

Joelle, for her part, didn’t mind Elise tagging along today. She still thinks it’s cute when Elise follows her around like a pet. So, I had to smile and enjoy the peace because I know the trouble will come between those two.