A day in the life of Joelle (November 16, Thanksgiving Feast at school and Ms. Martha’s birthday):

I bought a bouquet of red carnations and told Joelle she could pick a flower for Ms. Martha’s birthday. (All the children bring one stem and it creates quite a colorful and strange arrangement). We were harried that morning (imagine that!) and Joelle told me to just grab a flower. I did. She walked in a few minutes later and said, “I knew you were going to pick the red one!” I laughed and said, “Yeah, what else was I going to pick? The baby’s breath? That’s a filler.” She then said, “Then why did you want me to pick? All the red ones look exactly the same.” I had to concede that they did indeed look very similar. I’m just so used to giving her an option to do it her way whenever I can.

On the way home from school, I heard all about the feast. She seemed to eat a lot, so I said, “boy, I guess I didn’t need to send a lunch.” She said, “I ate all my carrots and I threw away all my trash.” I repeated back what she said in a slightly different way, “oh, you threw away everything?” Thinking I knew the truth and she was caught in a lie, she said, “I didn’t really eat all my carrots, mommie. I didn’t want you to be mad.”

When we got home, she went out to play while I ran to the bathroom to pee. I found Elise at the glass door standing, laughing at her big sister through the glass. Joelle said (through the glass), “Mommie, I’m going to put on my jammies all by myself tonight.” I said, “what’s up? what’d you do?” She said, “I peed outside.” I said, “why.” She said, “I couldn’t make it inside and I sort of peed all over my panties and pants. I didn’t want you to be mad.” There’s a theme here, what is it…. hm, I’ll figure it out shortly…

When daddy came home from work, I suggested that Joelle show daddy all the things from her Thanksgiving feast at school. She said, “Oh daddy, it’s a ton of pop up good fun.” It was pretty darn cute. She tried on her pilgrim suit for daddy first, “Pilgrim Joelle.” She was an indian in the feast though… “Daisy Petal.” Chris and I asked Joelle if the kids had come up with the names. She said, “well, the teachers gave us some suggestions.” We then asked what some of the other names were: “talking rock (this made us laugh), sky woman and fighting rainbow.” Chris and I wondered if there were subliminal messages about the kids’ personalities in these names.

The only tragedy we had all day was the tv going off when Poppy shut off the electricity. She didn’t even get angry when we took too long at Target and couldn’t get ice cream or that the cashier at Target forgot to give us her Barbie. I loved seeing my baby girl happy. I’m the luckiest person in the world to get to share all these moments with Jojo.