Elise and I went to Whole Foods yesterday for our shopping adventure. Yes, shopping is an adventure for a 9 month old and her accompanying mommie. I don’t know if it’s the environment going to pot (no more honey bees or polar bears!?) or the intrusive finger in Elise’s mouth at our last HEB trip, but we decided to try Whole Foods today.

First lesson learned, I feel healthier and a better person just walking in there. Although the produce isn’t all organic, (non-organic is labeled ‘conventional’), it’s all so fresh and beautifully displayed. I wanted to buy it all! Also, I brought my own bags (first time ever!) and realized you get a bag discount for doing so. How cool is that? I thought everyone just brought bags to Whole Foods because they were just the sort of people to do that.

Second lesson learned, ginger snap goo is a great way to keep hands off the baby. They had lots of samples out, I think to get everyone in the festive holiday spirit.  Always intent on keeping Elise occupied and happy during shopping trips – I gave her a ginger snap. I’m always focused on my list and grabbing food because I generally don’t have long before the gig is up and Elise wants out. I walk by a guy grinding coffee and he says, “boy, I want to buy whatever it is she’s enjoying so much.” I look down at my sweet baby and hysterically laugh. I have no idea what kind of mom the guy thought I was, but it struck me as ridiculously funny that Elise was covered in ginger snap goo. Her hair, her dress, her face and somehow even her bloomers (I found that out when we got home.) The lady at the cashier (also a mom I found out later) also laughed and asked if I had a camera.

I’m trying to embrace this messy phase. I fear that I clamped down on Joelle during this phase (neat freak that I am) and that it’s one reason she still struggles with enjoying a variety of foods. I guess it’s a good sign that I laughed today. I remembered the freaking bags for the groceries but had no wipes – messy, messy everywhere and not a wipe in sight.