I think we’ve got a smart one on our hands.  I mentioned in a recent post that Elise has started talking.  One word I forgot to mention that she used with me,”B.”  I know that you’re thinking, “‘B’ isn’t a word.”  Babies do learn words early.  Even if they can’t always communicate back to us, certain words trigger reactions.  Chris and I learned early that Elise knew the word, “bottle.”  So, we took to saying, “hey, will you make the B for me?”  You know, so she wouldn’t hear, “bottle,” and start crying like the world had ended.  Well, there are officially no safe code words in our family anymore.  Joelle knows how to spell and Elise learned our code word.  She was hysterical for her bottle the other day and turned to me and said (with attitude), “B.”  “B.”  “B.”  (Her look spoke much more.)

Tonight, during bath, she sucked the water out of her wash cloth.  No surprises there.  Joelle loved doing this, too.  What did come as a surprise to Chris, and later me, was that she knew to dunk the wash cloth into the water to get it wet once it was sucked dry.