A couple of days ago, I was crazy enough to say, “you know, maybe we should get rid of the binks?  Elise is going to sleep without them.”  Murphy’s Law.  Two days later, I walk in after Elise’s nap to find her taunting me with a bink in each hand and one in her mouth.  It was as if she was tasting each delicacy for its unique flavoring.  So, we missed that window.

Meanwhile, at her 9 month appointment, Dr. Pielop mentioned that as long as she had one word under her belt by age one, he was happy.  I had to stifle a laugh.  Just the week before, she busted out with 4 words.  “Mama, dada, oelle (for Joelle) and hi.”  One week after that, Nana said that she said, “Nana.”