Someone at work asked for pictures of Joelle and Elise and I obliged – forwarding Petie’s online Halloween photo album. As I was in Kodak Gallery I saw an album marked “Graduation” for my MBA graduation in 2003. I flipped through it and found a couple of funny pictures of Joelle (around 14 months) watching TV in an odd pose.

Funny by itself, sure (how is that comfortable?). But worth an extra chuckle because I came home the night before to see something like the following picture. I took a picture of it tonight to compare:

They aren’t ANYTHING alike…..

Petie has brought up that Joelle gets jealous of Elise getting a lot of attention because she is at a very cute age. I have noticed, however, that Joelle does seem to find it funny whenever we say “Joelle, you used to do that, too!” as opposed to “that is so cute”. When I showed her another picture of her in that series from 2003 where you can see the TV, her first comment was “what was I watching there?” When I answered “The Wiggles”, she recognized the episode and wistfully remarked “yeah, that was one of my favorite ones” like an adult recollecting her youth. Such an old five-year-old.