As a demonstration of how irrestible baby Elise is, I’ll outline one quick trip to the grocery store for you.  First stop, produce.  Bam, a woman walks in and starts cooing at Elise.  She rubs Elise’s cheek and says, “She looks like the Gerber baby!  Has anyone ever said that to you?”  Me, “Actually, yes.”  A little small talk and two aisles over, another woman notices Elise at the deli counter.  She actually picks up Elise’s shirt and rubs her belly.  Elise smiles and the woman almost faints over her dimples.  Next aisle, a man notes little baby Elise.  He starts talking to her and cooing.  He notices a tiny piece of paper at the side of her mouth.  (Yes, my baby likes to eat paper – aghast at my parenting skills, I’m sure.  I try to limit it, but has anyone ever died of paper consumption?  Paper is everywhere!   It’s impossible to keep it all away from her.)  Back to my story, I didn’t see this one coming… This guy actually put his finger in Elise’s  mouth to wipe away the miniscule piece of paper!  As you can imagine, I was about to just let him have it.  I really was.  The audacity for anyone to do that to any baby, but then there’s me and my germ complex.  UG!!!  I was livid.  I ran (without saying a word to the guy) to the place where they sell cold water by the cash register and almost drowned poor Elise trying to clean her mouth…  and then the bag guy said to Elise, “Que Paso?”  She smiled.

Seriously folks, one trip to the grocery store.  We weren’t in there more than half on hour.