Joelle woke up this morning and said, “Momma, I love Halloween.”  She’s adorable when she first wakes up – bleary-eyed with bed head and a sweet little voice.  I smiled and said, “I know – it’s pretty fun, isn’t it?”  Luckily, she has lots o candy to remind her of her festivities!

On an unrelated note, Joelle also told me this afternoon that she was bored.  Elise, after all the fun yesterday, is probably thinking the same thing.  Annie came over to play after Joelle’s desperate attempt to find Jillian or Hudson (our immediate neighbors) failed.  Joelle held it together pretty well when Annie wasn’t cooperating with Joelle’s “plan of attack for play time”.  I’m impressed… I’ve seen many glimpses of my old Joelle today.  Did Halloween trick her into being a sweet girl again?  Maybe it’s all the sugar going to her head?  Or, maybe I just jinxed myself and we’ll have a sour girl again tomorrow.