It seems appropriate that I pay tribute to a professor I had at Trinity because Trinity seems to be coming up so much lately.  The strange lateral pass video clip, Chris helping out at Westside’s college fair for Trinity and Meg and Danny having just been to campus. 

Dr. Frei passed away while I was at Trinity.  I always found it a little strange that he was so pissed about being diagnosed with lung cancer because, after all, he was a Biology professor.  He smoked before every class; the correlation isn’t that hard for me to see.  He was a great professor and, aside from my own grandparents, his is the only memorial service I have attended.

Chris knows firsthand that I didn’t always take all my classes at Trinity seriously (sorry mom and dad!).  If I was interested in the subject, I was an A student; however, if the class was a bore (take genetics), I seriously struggled to make myself study.  I loved Dr. Frei’s class.  It was the second semester of my freshman year.  I don’t remember the class name (Chris probably does or could look it up in his handy dandy courses of study), but it’s probably why I actually stayed a bio major. 

In this class, I took away two very important things that changed my outlook on life.  I should also quickly interject that I became a Christian again during this first year at Trinity.  A science major at a liberal arts university.  How did that happen?  Biology.  I could not dismiss the beauty, the intricacy and the absolute wonder of life.  It was all too perfect and I was able to embrace God again. 

So, the first lesson I took away?  Abortion is taking away life.  Dr. Frei convinced me in a lecture that, “you are kidding yourself if you don’t think life happens the moment the sperm and egg meet.”  I was completely moved by his lecture and believe that he is right.  I do still think that there are reasons to have an abortion and definitely don’t think abortion issues have a right in politics, but life is triggered upon conception.

Second, we are all imortal through our children.  I remember another lecture where he laughed and said, “who cares about finding the fountain of youth, we all live on through our children.  Our unique genetic code is carried on.”  I had been reading through the trashy Ann Rice novels that concentrate heavily on immortality issues, so I think this is why his comment cemented in my memory.  

Having two children of my own now, I often think of this immortality belief because of how often people like to play the “she looks so much like ____” game.   I really should start keeping a poll of people who believe Elise and/or Joelle look like me vs. Chris (or any deriviation of any family member.)  This game is so important for people to play – Dr. Frei was definitely right about the importance to humans to carry on that genetic code.  As for myself, I am truly happy if the girls look like Chris.  I think the majority of votes would go to the girls looking like their daddy.  Many people often think I should be sad about that, but I’m definitely not.  I love Chris, why wouldn’t I love for my girls to remind me of him?