I know I’m not writing as much as I did at one time.  Some readers are missing this (ok, just my dad) and I apologize.  Although it’s true that I’m busy juggling my two chickies and work on the side, I think the underlying reason I haven’t been writing much is Joelle.  I adore my life and there have been many good times in the last couple of months, but Joelle has been in a funk.  She’s a source of a lot of blog material!  Without her good natured humor and smiles, what could I possibly have to say? 

I do have other things to say.  If nothing else, I have Elise!  It doesn’t seem right to write about all the cute things she does when I think it’s the underlying issue for Joelle.  Elise is so darn cute.  When she was first born, Joelle didn’t have too much to complain about.  Sure, she lost a little mommie and daddy time, but Elise just slept and ate.  Now, she’s the Gerber baby.  Absolutely adorable.  Joelle hears how adorable she is everywhere we go.  Like Joey says about me as a baby, Elise attracts a following.  What Joelle doesn’t realize is that she did, too.  She was just as cute. 

Was just as cute.  I have a lump in my throat just thinking about how hard it must be.  How do we react?  With bad moods and some yelling.  Joelle throws temper tantrums again.  I’m embarrassed to admit, that I have also thrown my share of temper tantrums over the last couple of months.  I pray for patience every day… and for Joelle to finally realize that she can get attention (and does get attention) in her own way.  When she reads and knocks our socks off with her witty intelligence.  When she smiles and lights up the room with her charm and twinkling blue eyes.  When she makes Elise laugh, a special laugh Elise saves just for Joelle. 

Baby girl, we love you more than you know.  I hope the old Jojo is back soon.  I miss you.