Chris came home from the soccer game today and said to me, “well, after five weeks, the official moment when I knew my daughter would not be an athlete happened today.”  He continued on, saying, “Joelle and Claire held hands the entire 4th quarter.”  “The specific moment was when a ball, not even coming very fast, was right in front of Joelle.  Instead of kicking the ball (even the wrong way would have been ok), she ran to go hold Claire’s hand again.” 

I can’t say I’m surprised.  I haven’t made all the games, but the ones I have made have proved what a social butterfly we have.  She’s way more concerned with who on the opposing team she knows and what color their costumes are.  Yes, she also uses mommie’s terminology for uniforms.  Oh, she also likes to discuss the team’s name.  On the field, she’s literally checking out everything around her, except the ball. 

The game before this one, Poppy gave Joelle  a pep talk.  “Remember, keep your eye on the ball.  That’s where the action is.”  At that game, Poppy and I noticed that Joelle had taken his advice.  She watched it go right by her. 

I think we’ll definitely be skipping T ball in the Spring!