I had my first conference of the year with Joelle’s pre-k teacher.  In the three weeks since school has started, she has already pegged my daughter.  There were some things to work on, like, “Joelle tends to dominate the conversations at circle time, but at least they are always appropriate.”  Our conversationalist does like to dominate any and all chats and she is usually on topic.  She said to Nana one day, “So, who do you like on dancing with the stars.  I like Julianne.  She has the same color hair as me.” 

Ms. DeeDee also remarked on Joelle’s incredible reading ability.  She had already told me during one drop off, “Joelle knows how to read.”  I said, “I know.”  Ms. DeeDee has seen a lot of kids in her 23+ year tenure as a teacher and I get the impression she’s impressed with Joelle’s reading.  For her part, Joelle is getting a little shy about all the attention.  For my part, this is one part about being a mom that is so cool.  I am proud.  I’m very proud. 

Elise, well, she doesn’t like to read as much.  As a very tiny baby, Joelle would lay perfectly still, smushed between daddy and I listening to story after story.  She always loved it.  I also remember one particularly LONG afternoon when I was very ready for Chris to be home because Joelle was so cranky.  I must have read to her for over an hour to appease her.  However, Elise has always managed to avoid most reading scenarios.  I have found a few tricks though.  She likes repetition and onomatopoeias.  So, she has about 3-4 books that she’ll listen to.  Actually, she crawls up to them, picks them up and hands them to us to read.  It’s so adorable.  Have I mentioned that she is the cutest baby?