OK, life really is flying by now.  With my new job (yes, I decided to work again) and my newly mobile baby, fun computer time is back at a minimum.  Her favorite place to get in trouble is at the computer in the study because we haven’t found a way to conceal these darn cords.  I’m torn.  On the one hand, I want to just hide them from her to let her have free reign in the house (excluding, of course Joelle’s play room and the bathrooms, in no particular order).  On the other hand, she almost needs something to “get in trouble” with.  Otherwise, she won’t learn, “no,” and when we go out and about she’ll not be used to hearing it.

Joelle is definitely liking telling Elise, “no.”  She’s stern.  Last night, I said, “let’s give Elise something new in her crib tonight.”  Joelle straightened up and with bright eyes said, “oh, she’ll need to trade something out for the new stuffed animal.”  She hopped up and grabbed something from the crib before inserting in the new stuffie.