Joelle has enrolled in soccer this year.  She seems to enjoy it, so far.  I know she likes these aspects, at least:  daddy is the assistant coach, daddy playing with her in the evenings, water breaks with her cool soccer bottle, her cleats (adorable black shoes with a pink star), pink shin guards and the whistle. 

Chris mentioned that he needed to get a whistle for the practices to me.  Joelle heard this comment, she hears everything!  She processed her mental inventory of stuff and realized that Nana had one at her house.  The next time she was over at Nana’s, she retrieved the whistle for daddy.  It’s a leopard print and hysterical to see around daddy’s neck.

The other funny thing to me, so far  (I think there will be more chapters before this over):  When I told Joelle that daddy was going to be the assistant coach, she asked, “Does daddy know?”  Where did this mistrust come from!?