This story comes from Nana, and, I don’t know why, but it evoked an image of a baby Beluga whale for me when I heard it.

Nana blows on little Lisey’s tummy every time she changes her diaper. As of late, little Lisey has taken to straining and reaching back for the plastic bag hanging on the changing table. In other words, it’s suddenly hard to keep her still. In a rush to finish before Elise managed to complete a full bridge on the changing table, Nana forgot to blow on Elise’s tummy. Suddenly, Elise went as stiff as a mummy, hands and arms on her side. She gazed into Nana’s eyes imploring her to do something. Then she sniffed, blowing air out of her nose, and Nana knew what she wanted – a raspberry kiss on her belly.

She laughed with absolute glee when she got her wish.