This has been a strange week. Most of the kids are back in school. Joelle isn’t. Her school starts back the Tuesday after labor day. I feel like we live in a ghost town or a hurricane evacuated city. Well, at least the school age children are evacuated. At the MAC, when I picked Joelle up from the kid zone, the ladies asked me why she wasn’t at school. I feel like this outlaw mom who doesn’t believe in school.

Joelle has been particularly antsy to start back to school, I think because of the last minute call from Wilchester saying that a spot was open if she wanted to attend pre-K there.  I went ahead and told Joelle about the call because she’s heard so much about the drama with Wilchester’s registration this year.  (They have 2 pre-k classes with 22 kids.  All spots were saved by parents who had another sibling at the school.  Turns out, 8 decided at the last minute to not utilize this spot they had saved.)  We were called the day school started.  Joelle made sure I called the lady back to say, “no go.”  Even then, I think she was suspicious that I would pull a fast one on her and she’d somehow wind up there.  (Do I do this?)

In keeping with the hurricane evacuation theme, I think the best line Chris had was, “yeah, no, Joelle isn’t going to Wilchester the day after school started.  She’d feel like a hurricane katrina evacuee.  Ok, class, this is Joelle, she’s a new student…” What a way to start school!  I know kids are adaptable, but what an unfair deal.  Everyone knows I love Spring Branch, so I can’t end without saying that she did have another option in Spring Branch.  They have an entire school dedicated to pre-K that she could have gone to without question.  They even split the classes by the elementary that they are zoned to.  I just didn’t want Joelle hopping from MDUMC to Wildcat Way to Wilchester.  (She’s already moved once from Children of the Woodlands.)

After our orientation last night at MDUMC, my heart is at peace.  She is in the right place for our family.  It’s funny that everyone gets so passionate about where their kids go to pre-K.  (I’m embarrassed to admit that I can now include myself in those ranks).  Obviously, there is no one right answer.  Otherwise, wouldn’t there only be one option?