Joelle has a term for tangy food.  “oooh, it’s sprite.”  She heard Nana and I discussing how she likes to call tangy things “sprite.”  She quickly modified her terminology after hearing us comment on it and now calls it tangy, like us. 

Anyway, Elise continues her quest to try and enjoy every possible morsel she can get into her mouth.  She had some sprite jello tonight (Joelle insisted everyone try some and Nana said it tasted like, “lemon meringue pie.”)  When I gave Elise her first bite, she had her concerned brow creased look.  Her second bite actually caused her tiny little body to shudder (I assume from the sour flavor).  Her third, fourth… twentieth bite was fast and furious.  I think she had her first sugar high on the way home – it sounded like she was giggling.