Chris has always had a talent to make me laugh.  I adore getting his short one-liner emails that give me a smile.  In case anyone else has any doubts about the source of humor in our family, here are some recent snippets from e-mails to each other:

Chris forwarded me a typical e-mail from the constable outlining crime going on in the area.  I wrote:  “yikes. crime is back. we seemed to have a lull for awhile – the rain.”  He wrote back, “that was like a haiku:

yikes. crime is now back
we had a lull for a while
due to the big rain”

Yesterday, I dragged Chris out to lunch with us because I had an extra kid with me.  Joelle’s little friend, Claire, was with because they are in art camp this week and Claire’s mom and I are carpooling.  Truthfully, I did want help (try three kids at McDonald’s rush hour), but I also thought he might enjoy seeing Jojo with her bud.  So, I wrote this e-mail in the afternoon, “Thanks for joining us for lunch, baby.  I hope you got a little kick out of seeing Joelle communicate with her bud.  I think it’s a whole new realm when you start seeing these little people interact.”  Chris wrote, “Yeah, it was fun to see.  I’m almost always available for a “surprise” lunch.  Elise didn’t seem all that shocked to see me.”  I said, “I like that Elise is growing up with lots of folks twirling about her all the time.”  Chris said, “It seems like lots of folks twirling about her, it’s really just Joelle on a sugar high.”

I’m so grateful Chris has this knack for keeping it light.  We’re gonna need that talent with a house full of all these girls!