Learning to read is just so cool. I’m in awe of how all the pieces are clicking in Joelle’s head. It’s also teaching us that we can no longer spell to “say” things to each other without Joelle knowing what we are saying. We were invited to a party at Monkey Bizness and it happens to be the site of a tragic incident where a local mom got a burn from a slide and later died from a staph infection. When we got the invite, I said to Chris, “oh, this is where the Wilchester mom D-I-E-D.” Joelle immediately picked up on the spelling and tried to decipher the code. Quickly, I laughed and said the first phrase that started with “D” and sounded like “dee-eye-ee-dee”. Oddly, it was “duty free.” We all laughed… Note to self, come up with something funny to just change the subject! It worked.

Not to make light, of course, of the mommie who passed away. I must admit that I was in a bit of a funk that day after reading that e-mail with the news of her tragedy. What if it had been me? I was clearly trying to protect my baby from this story when I conjured up “duty free.”