Joelle has always asked a lot of questions. We went through the why phase and all the other silly questions, but lately these questions have taken an interesting spin. They are often thoughtful and sometimes inspiring.

She asked Nana, “Does God swim?” I’d love to see other responses to this question because Chris, Nana and I all had a unique response. I think Chris said, “yes, God knows everything.” I know that I said, “Well, God is in all of us and so he is swimming if we are.” She asked Poppy one of her thoughtful questions, “why does that street sign say, ‘Gessner AND Memorial?'” Sometimes the answers are difficult to explain! It’s actually inspired me to want to take a bible study this fall. I’m finding my theology is rusty!

Admittedly, some of her questions and responses can also be a tad embarrassing. She’s just starting to really notice all the differences in people. For example, in just one trip to Whole Foods, she asked about three different people. On the way there, a man was standing on the side of the road. “Momma, is he African?” “Yes, he is African American.” In the store, a woman wearing on interesting array of feathers festooned all over her head offered for us to go over for story time. As she walked away, Joelle said, “she’s psycho!” Everyone in line chuckled under their breath. Without skipping a beat or taking a breath from the last comment, she said, “is that a girl or a boy (about the woman behind us)?” I said, “She is a woman.” Joelle said, “How do you know?” “Well, she has a scarf on her head and so she is likely Muslim and her faith tells her to wear it. Only women wear them.”

Oi, sometimes you wish there was an off switch, but then, you might miss some of the cool questions like, “Does God swim?”