This past Saturday afternoon Petie and I took Joelle and Elise to the neighborhood pool – even though it was sprinkling.  The process begins – each of us has to change and get our suit on.  Make sure we have pool toys for Joelle.  “Don’t forget the float for Elise – maybe she’s big enough now. ” “Sunglasses?”  “You have keys? I need to lock the door.”

We get out at the pool and everyone has their hands full of “stuff”.  Put sunscreen on all four of us (just in case).  Finally, time to get in. About ten minutes later it thunders.  Adults get out of the pool.  Adults get back in the pool to pull out the kids who are asking why they have to get out of the pool.

After getting out (around 3:30) Joelle said “I’m hungry”. I figured she just wanted some junk from the snack bar. So I said “well, by the time we all get home, change, decide where to eat, drive there, etc. it will probably be close to 5:00. That’s about when we usually eat dinner anyway. (Elise usually goes to sleep between 6:30 and 6:45 at this point.)

I propose going to Memorial Grill, a restaurant we have never been to that is less than a 5 minute drive away from our house. We pull up into the parking lot and it is pretty empty….not a great sign for a restaurant on the weekend. I glance at my watch and it’s 4:20. Petie agrees that is probably a record. I guess the two other people in the restaurant were finishing up a late lunch or something.

So, at around 5:10 we are walking out of the restaurant after eating dinner (including dessert!) and remarking how early it was to have already eaten. When we left the restaurant no one else was there yet. As we are getting in the car another car slowly pulls up and parks. An elderly man and woman shuffle into the restaurant. We can’t help but crack up–we finished before the “early birds” even arrived!

As an aside anyone on the west side of Houston should give Memorial Grill a try. Although Joelle, “expert reader” now, corrects me. “It’s not Memorial Grill, daddy. It’s THE Memorial Grill.”