During a party with some of our friends and their two boys, my eldest daughter had a baby.  They were playing house and the doll was flung on the chair in Joelle’s room.  After a short period, all the parents noted that the baby wasn’t in tow any longer.  When asked where the baby was, Joelle retorted, “oh, we sold it in a garage sale.”   Nice.

Meanwhile, my new sneaky cooking is actually working.  After some initial duds, I’ve had many successes.  Joelle has had wheat germ, wheat flour, almonds, wheat bread, cauliflower, zuccini, spinach, blueberries, oranges, tilapia and apples today!   She only knows that she had chocolate pancakes,  apple, fish sticks and oranges.  Amazing, absolutely brilliant.  Chris and I can stop worrying about her not eating enough good stuff!  I wish I had thought of this first – if I have a passion in life, it may just be cooking.

A week ago (the actual day was July 26th), I started a new addiction.  Coffee has not been something that Chris or I have regularly ever embraced.  Maybe it was the lack of sleep from stressing over balancing my babies with work.  Maybe it was giving up carbonated diet drinks.  I’m not sure.  I called Chris at work and admitted my new guilty pleasure.  I don’t think there is any turning back…