Ah, the words still conjure up an image of tiny Joelle with brown mess all over her face.  I was surprised today when Elise’s pediatrician recommended that I start her off on table foods.  Yes, things like biter biscuits (for the record, Chris has banned biter biscuits from Elise’s menu because they really are ridiculously messy and provide no nutritional value.)  I didn’t realize that the puree bit was so short lived and am a little sad.  For the first time, I get to have a kid who eats what I make her.  I love to cook and it’s been a bit frustrating for me over the past 5 years to have a little person whose culinary appetite is so limited.  Elise already eats a much more varied and balanced diet.

The possibility of Elise turning into another picky eater hadn’t even crossed my mind, until I read The Sneaky Chef.  In it, the author tells how she had a first born who would eat anything – literally.  She could take her to a Japanese restaurant and she would eat seaweed wraps and anything else she would give her.  She laughed at all her friends with the “picky eaters.”  Thinking that they, and I, had done something miserably wrong in the parenting department.  Then, her second came along.  Not only did she incur the hubris penalty with the second, but now the first decided that if the second were picky, it was her duty to also turn into a picky eater.  When I read this, I had a silent scream and panicked eyes.  Joelle could turn little Elise into a picky eater???  NO!  So, I’m treating this book as my new mantra.  I have dedicated myself to a fifth, sixth (I’m losing count) round against Joelle and the food issue.  My visit with the pediatrician took a strange turn when I commented that I was sad to lose the puree stage for Elise because I was actually getting Joelle to eat more veggies by sneaking puree into her food.  He said, “she still won’t eat?”  “She’s getting a little old for that.”  He suggested sending her for occupational therapy.  Perhaps, she has a sensory processing disorder?  http://www.sensory-processing-disorder.com/picky-eaters.html

I’m not exactly sure what Chris and I will do with this new piece of information, but in the meantime, I’m esctatic that baby #2 is eating whatever I give her and that I’ve successfully had Joelle eat the chicken nuggets (carrot/sweet potato puree, wheat germ and almonds are in the mix), breakfast cookies (with wheat germ and total cereal) and cupcakes (spinach and blueberries are in the batter!) from The Sneaky Chef.  Little Elise is moving on…  She successfully grabbed one teddy puff (finger food from Whole Foods) and got it in her mouth.  She was so adorable chewing on that little puff.