Ironically, my mom found a copy of a diet plan while she was looking for her recipe of my favorite cake.  The diet is faded, worn, and clearly from an era before laser printers.  Chris read it and dubbed it the “chain letter diet.”  It reads just like a chain letter you’d get in your inbox, “if you send this diet to 5 people, you’ll lose 5 pounds.”  If I wasn’t so frustrated about not losing a single pound since joining the MAC in late May and exercising almost every day of the week for an hour,  I might have had better sense and not tried it out.  Alas, I was desperate and did.

It’s a seven day diet and I’m on day 3.  It’s kicking my butt.  Every day, you’re supposed to consume large quantities of a cabbage soup (which consists of onion, green pepper, celery, tomatoes, cabbage and lipton french onion soup mix).  Then, each day varies with what you can eat. 

1 Day – fruit, 2 Day – veggies (one potato allowed), 3 Day – fruit and veggies (no potatoes), 4 Day – skim milk and up to 8 bananas, 5 Day – 10-12 ounces of beef and up to 8 tomatoes, 6 Day – all the beef and veggies you can eat, 7 Day – brown rice and veggies

It seems so easy on paper, but it’s really, really hard.  My parents have just completed day 7, luckily, or I think I would quit.  If they can do it, I can.  I’ll just be ticked if it’s all water loss and no real weight loss.  In looking for recipes tonight on the internet, it appears that there is a flock quite devoted to this diet.  Just giving up my skinny cows at night should net out at least a pound lost, right?? 

Chris is right though, after this – we’re just going on the strict 1000 calorie plan to get off the rest of the “baby”weight.  (Mine, not his – he’s just always very supportive.)