I can already tell that summer is going to pass very quickly.  Although Joelle is already getting antsy for school to start and we’re only 7 weeks in (who thought it was a good idea to give kids 14 weeks off for summer?), it’s still going to pass very quickly.  I recently read how motherhood is an interesting dilemma.  On the one hand, we yearn for our little ones to take the next step to earn that next notch in their belt.  On the other hand, when they do achieve whatever goal it is, you end up mourning the baby you’ve lost.  I felt this way today when I realized that, for the first time, Joelle would really rather be playing with a friend then me.  Trust me, I’ve wanted this day to come for awhile.  I’ve even had conversations with her teacher and the director at her school because I questioned why she didn’t seem to play with other kids yet.  The director, who I trust completely, told me to wait until the end of this year.  If she wasn’t playing with kids by the summer, “then we should worry.”  I did wait and magically, she is.  Inexplicably, I’m a little sad. 

Joelle is also starting to read.  It still takes me by surprise.  We’ll be walking in a store or driving on the road and she’ll just start spouting off words, “bunny.  spring.  fern.”  These are all real examples of things she’s recently read to me.  The authors of “Dick and Jane” are brilliant.  I hated the stories when we first bought the book, but I now see the beauty of the design to help kids learn to read.  This summer, she’s also picking up on all the games children play.  Timeless classics, updated by Little Gym (I assume this is where she’s learning them).  Daddy and I find ourselves avoiding cracks “…because we might step on crabs.”  We owe a new love of Hannah Montana to Little Gym as well.  Joelle was singing, “nobody’s perfect, we’re gonna work it.”  It’s the top song on Radio Disney and Joelle adores Hannah.  Hey, we figure it’s gotta be better then her watching Shakira, her other favorite artist.  (Shakira CDs are in 4 of my 6 slots in the CD changer.) 

Elise is moving along, too.  She can grab things.  It’s her new trick and she loves it.  She’s already clutched onto one of Joelle’s hair bows and quickly yanked it out of her hair.  Joelle was in tears over that and another fistful of hair that Elise grabbed.  Elise is anxious to play with toys, if Jojo doesn’t steal them first.  We opened up a new toy from Anshula and Thomas for Elise and Joelle was quick to hijack it.  Elise just watched with wide eyes as Joelle zoomed off with the bus and all the blocks.  She’s super close to sitting up on her own, but the date hasn’t been officially documented in the baby book. 

I’m glad we have our evening walks after dinner, (Joelle is on her bike now during these walks) because it’s the only time of the day that I feel like time slows down a bit.