It’s truly infatuating to watch tiny babies grow and develop.  While in Wimberley, Elise was barely using her hands at all.  They hung at her side or were in her mouth, but now, in this past week, she’s learned to grab at things.  She grabbed a handful of Joelle’s hair for the first time, she triumphantly taunted daddy one morning by grabbing an animal hanging on her mobile and has mastered hitting all the toys on her bouncer. 

The best moment of late was her experiment with the fishies in her crib.  Once we took the mobile down (unsafe once she can grab it), we put up the fishy toy where you press a button and the fish start swimming.  She’s already figured out that they come on when she hits the button.  Interestingly, she hit it first on accident with her head.  Now, she thinks it only comes on when she hits it with her head.  It’s really funny to see her angle her body rolls into the toy to make her head hit it. 

I’ll never forget the eerie sound of that same toy coming on in the dead of the night when Joelle randomly learned how to turn it on for the first time.  That’s one of the neat things about having second kids, they remind you of all the things your first sweet baby did.