Over at a playdate last week, all the little girls stripped down to their bare bums to play in the sprinkler.  Everyone, except Joelle.  I knew as soon as the suggestion was made to play in the sprinker without suits that little Joelle would not be happy with this outcome because she really doesn’t care to be naked.  However, I wasn’t sure if she would fall prey to peer pressure and go along with the flow or not. 

I’m proud to say that even though she was unhappy to be the only one not playing in the sprinkler, she didn’t go along with the flow.  Thankfully, Alice offered her a suit so she could play along.  As soon as Erin’s suits were brought out, Miss Erin also put one on.  I think Joelle was really pleased that Erin followed her lead.  It just goes to show that you can’t always believe teachers and their analysis of your child because I was told on Joelle’s progress report that she was a follower.  It’s not that I necessarily care, I just know that is not my baby.  She rarely goes with the flow and I’m proud that she doesn’t.  I hope it stays that way!