Joelle, the avid non-swimmer, took a dip today in a pond during her day camp at Camp Tadpole.  She told me that she had fallen all the way in the water and that she had her eyes open under the water.  She said that all the fishes had swam away.  I couldn’t believe how unphased she was by all this, so I surmised that her head hadn’t really gone under the water.  It’s a really shallow pond at the Audubon “forest” near our home.  When I vocalized that maybe Joelle hadn’t gone all the way under water to Nana, she triumphantly delivered the fact that her hair ribbon had been curly and was now straight.  It’s amazing what these kids notice!

Apparently, one of the junior counselors scooped her out and then she was given special privileges (first to get a popsicle).  She was also dubbed the “pond princess.”  A title that pleased her.  Josh, her buddy at Camp Tadpole, didn’t miss a beat and decided that he would be the “sweat king.”

We’ve decided that Joelle is eerily “one upping” us.  I had minor surgery on my head last week to remove a benign cyst.  It was minor, but enough to warrant a prescription for pain medicine.  That evening, Joelle had the worst accident she’s ever had.  She was running home with me from a friend’s house and took a full face plant on the concrete.  I still can’t get the sound of her precious head hitting concrete out of my head.  We still wonder if she should have had a stitch.  I carried her halfway down our block with the blood streaming out. 

Nana started her water aerobics last week with a swimming pool incident.  She got caught twisted on her noodle and went under water.  For those that don’t know, Nana can’t swim.  So, a lifeguard had to dive in after her.  Does little Joelle hear these stories and somehow conjure up ill fated fortune?  She needs a lesson from Tia Maria on how to envision positive things!  (Although she seems peculiarly ok with having taken a dip in the pond.  Maybe she’ll swim yet…)