*I recently asked Joelle if she wanted to take cheerleading or soccer this fall. She seriously contemplated my question and responded, “I’d like to cheer for a soccer team.” Maybe she can start attending Uncle Danny’s ultimate games and cheer? Would he be too embarressed?

*Last night, Joelle was devastated when she lost one of two stickers from her hand. Chris and I should not, at this point, be amazed at what children prize and treasure, but we are still suprised. Before Joelle broke out into sobs, Chris told Joelle that, “sometimes stickers fall off.” I’m not sure if his gem of wisdom inspired her sobbing or if it was already coming…

*This morning, Joelle climbed in bed. She had been sent back once at 6:30 (too early for mommie). She always asks for a banana story. I have no idea how it got started, but I make up a story about a banana every morning… and an eggplant. This is why I have to send her back if she comes too early. Try making up a banana AND an eggplant story right when you wake up in the morning. Anyway, the eggplant story today was about an eggplant who traveled around to different countries and visited a McDonald’s in each country he visited (sound familiar, Chris?) I started making up funny things that each McDonald’s served. Maria, you’ll be happy to know that the eggplant did visit Colombia in his worldwide McDonald quest. Joelle specifically made sure I included Colombia. When I got to Germany, I said, “they serve beer!” Joelle laughed at that and said, “Beer instead of chocolate milk for a happy meal!!”