After dropping Joelle off at school today, I lingered to catch up with some of my mommie friends.  It’s only recently that I’ve been able to participate in the Joelle drop off with Elise in tow and everyone is anxious to see little Lisey Pie.  Elise was sitting on my lap because I was trying to get her to finish off her bottle that she started before we left.  Her tiny girlfriend, Elizabeth (5 months), was sitting on her mommie’s lap.  Elise let out one of her complaining chit chat sequences.  I think the translation would go something like this, “mommie, I’ve had enough of the bottle.  Kindly take it away from my face.  now.  I don’t want to tell you again.”  Her talking caught baby Elizabeth’s attention and she cooed back to Elise.  Elise immediately copied the same tone and repeated back what Elizabeth said.  I almost didn’t realize that it was Elise talking because it sounded so identical to what Elizabeth had said.  I only knew because I could feel her little chest vibrating when she talked and because all the other moms saw it and said how cute it was.  Anyway, the two girls carried on a tiny conversation back and forth for a bit.  Then, Elizabeth tried with all her might to reach out and grab Elise and Elise couldn’t take her eyes off of her friend.  It was really hilarious.  Joelle probably didn’t even see another baby until 9 months!  Meanwhile, Elise has quite a social circle already.  (Baby Riley was also there (2 weeks older than Elise) and Elise got to catch up with baby Caroline at lunch (6 weeks younger than Elise.)