Back in high school, I entered into a few academic competitions sponsored by the UIL. I know, I was quite the jock….

Anyway, I remember this mostly when I google myself to see what comes up (who doesn’t do this once in a while?) Often this link comes up. When I was a senior I placed high enough in district and regional Ready Writing competitions to be invited to the state competition in Austin. Follow the ‘Ready Writing’ link for some recent examples. I know I still have the essay somewhere – I remember actually using examples from my philosophy class and the movie “Reality Bites”. I ended up placing 5th in the state, and yes there were more than 5 people there. I know, I know, why don’t I have that on my resume?

This last time I went to that page I wondered, what ever happened to these people? I wonder if any of these people became published writers and I could say ‘I finished right behind [enter writing prize award winner here] in a writing contest one time’. As I started looking I actually found some information on where the people who finished ahead of me went to school. It looks something like this:

#1 Yale, Stanford Law; #2 Harvard, Harvard Medical School; #3 Harvard

So how should I take this? As an optimist I think “hey, I was in good company” As I relay this story to Petie I go through the list of schools and start to say “so…you know….it makes me feel like I was…”.

She interjects, “…a distant fifth??” Ouch.