While I was pregnant with Elise, I prayed almost every day for a happy and healthy baby.  By that, God knew that I also secretly meant a chubby baby.  So far, it seems that my prayers were answered.  I’ve long held this very unscientific belief that the skinnier you are as a baby and a toddler, the more you’ll battle weight later.  I know it’s a bogus theory, but I guess I’ve grown up bitter that I was so tiny when I was little.  I didn’t appreciate it at all!  In any case, I just love chubby babies.  They just look happy. 

I might have written this before, but I have three wishes for both of my girls.  First, I want them both to find true love.  Second, I would love for them to have a true passion or a calling in life.  Third, I would be esctatic if they could both exercise and pursue athletic goals only because they like it… NOT because they have to control their weight. 

I definitely found true love and it’s possible that my passion was to have children, but I definitely didn’t luck out on #3.  Genes and luck will play out for the girls.  How frustrating as a parent that we can’t control a lot of the important things in life for our children.