People, including myself, are so reckless about backing up.  I guess we’ve all done it hundreds of times without incident, so our instinct tells us it’s going to be ok this time, too.  After dinner, our family likes to take a stroll down the block.  Last week, a car zipped out of a driveway without noticing Joelle.  Had Chris not scooped her up and moved her to the grass, she would have been hit.  He was so angry, he almost pitched Joelle’s toy shopping cart at the car.  He yelled after the car and made some gestures, but she never stopped.  She was in a hurry!  The entire scene was witnessed by Elise and I and it instantly brought back a memory of my dad protecting me from the same thing.  I recall that it was a white “boat” car (long and big).  We were at the Jumbo (now Oshman’s) picking up something and a car backed out of a parking spot without seeing me.  My dad hit the car really hard to make her stop and then he also proceeded to let her know how he felt about her almost running over his daughter.  Hooray for daddies!  In fairness to both drivers, it is very hard to see a little person behind you.  I guess it wouldn’t hurt if we were all a little more careful and I’m definitely reminded to watch out for cars backing up near my baby (soon to be babies).